Review: DEATH YELL “Descent Into Hell”

Review: DEATH YELL “Descent Into Hell”

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DEATH YELL “Descent Into Hell”
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Frankly, when in 2012 I knew that Chilean scene veterans (originally founded in 1986 as PESTILENCE) are coming back I was excited as hell! I just love their ‘Vengeance from Darkness’ or ‘Morbid Rites’. Actually in the first period of existence they released one more thing only – split with BEHERIT. Anyways, ‘Morbid Rites’ as I know was released few months after band’s dead. Well, I know this is probably hard to believe, but we have here with debut album of brigade from Santiago de Chile to do. It seems they had very bad luck because only splits with BLIND SERVENTS and MORBOSATAN saw the light of a day.

Full-length contains eleven (eleventh is a bonus one) songs of Death/Black Metal in old-school South American style. The tempo isn’t possessed fast. There’re speed-ups of course, and they happen often. There is also technical playing as well. Riffs are variable and we’re able to listen to some “solos” or more melodic in this more brutal meaning displays. However, Pulga and Pollo play not only brutal and broken enough riffs, but there’re huge elements of darkness and fury in them. The only relative new (since 2016) member of the band is a drummer, Marco Antonio Irribarren known also as Goebbel. But he’s not green-horn, too – even if in comparison with other members he plays only a while. Anyhow, he drums of course variable and we can also hear something devilish in that. Guatiu’s bass isn’t very well hearable, but if you have well enough trained ears then you’ll hear.

Third original (except guitarists) member of DEATH YELL is Galleta. His growling is old/school Death Metal one. But you’ll be able to hear big dose of pure hell in that and also some Thrash influences. Their rather subtle, but I somehow connote all this with Wagner Antichrist. But this is first of all about devilish, devastating effect

In my opinion this is really great, complete album with no weak points! I can listen to ‘Descent Into Hell’ all the time and I never have enough. Well, you need take into consideration that since always I’m maniac of Latin America and scenes from there – quite hermetic (mostly you need speak Spanish), but surely in most countries they’re ones of the best on the world, I guess. BUY OR DIE!

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Score 99%
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